Project Connect’s mission to map the connectivity of every school in the world is ambitious and we need your help to succeed. Whether you are a government, an international organization, an NGO, a tech company, a network provider, a research institution or any other entity that supports schools, we want to work with you.





Map school connectivity in your country. You can contact us and we will help you map every school and connectivity status in your country.

Provide funding. You can provide funding to support Project Connect’s platform, and help other countries get their maps.

International organization, development bank, non-profit or similar

Share your data. We are looking for information on locations of schools and their level of online connectivity. However, any piece of information about schools that you are interested in sharing, no matter how small, is extremely useful.

Get access to our platform and data. You can use our platform to inform your work, do research or improve your loans and funding by seeing effects in real-time.

Add other sectoral layers. For example, if you are a health agency you might have information about health centres’ location and connectivity that could be useful.

Provide funding. Help us supporting the project by providing funding to move more quickly.

ISP or Network provider

Share your data. Contribute to our platform with your connectivity data, enabling real-time updates; this could mean connecting to your NOC or providing monthly data on bandwidth, type of service etc. that will be integrated with the school data.

Provide connectivity. Help us improve connectivity for disconnected schools (this could be via cellular, satellite, wireless, fiber or other means).

Provide funding. Support the project by providing resources to build the platform and collect data in countries that haven’t been mapped yet.

Tech company

Help us build the platform. Provide front-end software developers, full-stack developers, UX/UI designers, data engineers and data scientists, among others to help us build Project Connect’s platform.

Share your data. Private sector data can be extremely helpful to estimate socioeconomic indicators and mobility patterns, map public spaces or create estimates of coverage and electricity maps. We have current partnerships with Amadeus, Facebook, Telefonica, IBM, Google and others and we are looking for new ones.

Help us with your technology. Whether you build routers, network monitoring devices, or similar type of hardware or you have access to cloud computing and similar types of infrastructure, your technologies can help us strengthen our platform.

Provide funding. Support the project by providing resources to build the platform and collect data in countries that haven’t been mapped yet.

Research institution

Collaborate with us on joint research on topics such as the impact of connectivity in outcomes, optimization of service delivery or deep learning for automatic mapping.